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Gannon Family
Bridget Gannon

Bridget Gannon was born 1860 or 1861, in Co.Kildare. Her father was Christopher Gannon, Mother Bridget (maiden name unknown).

Her year of birth & location was obtained from a census return, but when a search of Parish indexes is done for Kildare the only Bridget that comes up, with a father called Christopher, is in 1858 (Leixlip RC). So this needs looking into.

She married James Gaynor on the 8th of May 1881 Clondalkin, Co.Dublin. Their children were:

Bridget Gaynor, born 1882 Co.Dublin
Margaret Gaynor, born 1883 Lower Palmerstown
Mary Jane Gaynor, born abt.1886 Co.Dublin
Catherina Gaynor, born 1888 Co.Dublin
Annie Gaynor, born abt.1897 Co.Dublin
Christina Gaynor, born abt.1901 Co.Dublin

Parish Record for marriage
   Date: 08/05/1881, Clondalkin

        Groom: James Gaynor                
        Bride: Bridget Gannon
Grooms father: Patrick Gaynor
Grooms mother: Margaret Gaynor              
Brides father: Christopher Gannon   
Brides mother: Bridget Gannon
      Witness: George McEnerney         
      Witness: Catherine Keane
      Address: Palmerstown

Record obtained at Dublin City Library.

Index for parish record...

Gaynor James  Gannon Bridget 08-05-1881 Clondalkin

Christopher Gannon

Originally from Co.Meath. Wife was Bridget. Her maiden name is unknown, but I believe it to be Dowdal. The reasons being:

Their daughter Bridget gets married in Clondalkin and the parish record shows address as Palmerstown. There are more Gannons born Palmerstown with the same father's name and same first name as Briget's mother. See below.

IGI Records
LDS IGI online.
Parents: Christopher Gannon & Bridget Dowdal (Dowdall)
     Mary Gannon b.31 May 1864, Palmerston
Catherine Gannon b.14 Jan 1867, Dublin
     Mary Gannon b.09 Apr 1869, Palmerston 
     Jane Gannon b.16 Jan 1872, Palmerston
      Ann Gannon b.21 Apr 1875, Palmerstown

There are two marriages for Christopher Gannon on the Parish indexes, but only one is marrying the same year as a Briget Dowdal...

Parish Records
Parish Index search - Church Marriage

Gannon Christopher 1854 Co.Meath Dunboyne RC.
Dowdal Bridget     1854 Co.Meath Dunboyne RC. 

UPDATE: Paid to see the full record at Irish Family History Foundation, and it gives no extra information then seen in index above.

Date of Marriage 29/04/1854

Now from the marriage listed above we can see that the Gannon's listed in Palmerstown were not originally from there, which fits with what we already know of our Christopher Gannon.

Further evidence of this is a census return for 1911. There is a Bridget Gannon living in Palmerstown, aged 80, and her birth place is down as Co.Meath (Same place as marriage above). Puts her birth either 1830 or 1831. But then in 1901 same woman is only aged 60. Looks as if Jane has died and Cornelius has remarried.

1901 Census

1901 Census taken on Sunday the 31st March.

Residents of a house 1 in Ballyfermott Upper, Palmerstown, Dublin

    Bridget Gannon 60 RC Co.Meath  R&W W Head
     Jane O'Connor 21 RC Co.Dublin R&W M Dau
Corneluis O'Connor 23 RC Kings Co  R&W M SonInLaw  Agl-Labourer under Board of Works
1911 Census
Address: 9 in Ballyfermot Upper (Parlmerstown, Dublin)

Catherine O'Connor 32 RC Co Dublin R&W M Wife
Cornelius O'Connor 36 RC Kings Co  R&W M Head    Labourer Board Works 
    Bridget Gannon 80 RC Co Meath  R&W W Boarder Pensioner  

6 years married. 2 children born and 2 still living.

Also, apart from the fact that there are no other Christopher Gannons, married around the right time anywhere in Ireland. Well anywhere that's been transcribed so far. The second listed marriage above fits with his their daughter being born 1860/61.

So it's looking as if the couple moved from Co.Meath, after their marriage in 1854, to Co.Kildare where Briget was born in 1860/61, and sometime after that, but before May 1864 settled in Palmerstown. Alternatively they could of just been visiting people when Briget was born.

There are a few more Gannon Children born Co.Dublin & Kildare, within the right time frame, with father's name correct, but can't confirm one way or other if these are connected to this family or not. (see below)

Parish Records for Births
Church Baptisms, index search...

All had father named as Christoper.

Catherine Gannon 1864 Co.Dublin  Kingstown RC
     John Gannon 1863 Co.Dublin  Kingstown RC
  Bridget Gannon 1858 Co.Kildare Leixlip   RC
   Edward Gannon 1855 Co.Dublin  Blanchardstown RC

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