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Gaynor Family
Bridget Gaynor

Bridget & son Bridget Gaynor was born the 20th of March 1882, in Dublin. Father was James Gaynor, Mother was Bridget Gannon. Married Edward McDonnell in 1901. They had ten children, two of which were adopted/fostered. They were:

Barbara McDonnell (b. ), died in childhood
Dolly McDonnell (b. ), died in childhood
Eileen McDonnell (b. )
Fergus McDonnell (b. ), Foster child
Rosie McDonnell (b. ),
John McDonnell (abt.1902), Co.Dublin
Bridget McDonnell (abt.1904), Co.Carlow
Annie McDonnell (abt.1906), Co.Dublin
Edward McDonnell (b.12/07/09), Inchicore
Morrie McDonnell (b.1911)

Parish Record for Birth
Baptismal details for Bridget Gaynor

       Birth: 20/3/1882    
      Mother: Margaret Gray      
      Father: James Gaynor
     Address: Palmerstown    
     Baptism: 26/3/1882          
      Parish: Clondalkin RC

Obtained from Dublin City Library.

Parish Index for Baptism found at DublinHeritage online records.

DOB:20-03-1882  Baptism:26-03-1882  Gaynor Bridget Clondalkin R.c.

Who is Margaret Gray?? Well it is my belief that Margaret Gray was James Gaynor's mother. She ended up on the parish record. A misunderstanding perhaps if it was her and her son that took the child to be christened.

Marriage Certificate...

6th Febuary 1901 at St.James's church, Dublin

         Groom: Edward McDonald, 26 years 
    Occupation: Railway Engine driver
         Bride: Bridget Gaynor, 19 years
 Grooms father: John McDonald (Railway Porter)
 Brides father: James Gaynor (Railway Guard)
Brides address: 5 Liffey Street, Inchicore
Grooms address: 3 St.Marys Avenue, Inchicore

Bridget McDonnell died 21st September 1932. She is buried at Bluebell Cemetery, Dublin. Plot: Section C, Grave 146. Her father and husband are in the same spot.

Death and Burial Records
Civil Registration Deaths Index: 
Bridget McDonald, age 48, registered Jul-Aug-Sep 1932 Dublin South v2 p263

Cemetery Register Line Entry 869: 
Bridget McDonnell, age 48, RC, wife of labourer, married, res Clondalkin; 

Died 21 September 1932; Buried 23 Sept 1932. 
Burial managed by John McDonnell.

James Gaynor

James was born in 1858, in Grangecommon, Co. Kildare. Father was Patrick Gaynor, Mother was Margaret Gray.

Married Bridget Gannon on 8th May 1881. Their children were:

Bridget Gaynor, born 1882 in Co.Dublin
Margaret Gaynor, born 1883 in Co.Dublin, Lower Palmerstown
Mary Jane Gaynor, born abt.1886 in Co.Dublin

Catherina Gaynor, born 1888 in Co.Dublin
Annie Gaynor, born abt.1897 in Co.Dublin
Christina Gaynor, born abt.1901 in Co.Dublin

Parish Record for Baptism
           Name: James Gaynor            
  Baptism/Birth: 13/05/1858
        Address: Grangecommon          
Parish/District: Allen Co.Kildare               
   Denomination: Roman Catholic
        Parents: Pat Gaynor & Mary Gray                  
        Sponsor: James Hefran & Mary Stanley

With regards to the above Parish record. Mary could have been written Marg. on original record & wrongly transcribed.

Parish Record for marriage
   Date: 08/05/1881, Clondalkin

        Groom: James Gaynor                
        Bride: Bridget Gannon
Grooms father: Patrick Gaynor
Grooms mother: Margaret Gaynor              
Brides father: Christopher Gannon   
Brides mother: Bridget Gannon
      Witness: George McEnerney         
      Witness: Catherine Keane
      Address: Palmerstown

Record obtained at Dublin City Library.

Index for parish record...

Gaynor James  Gannon Bridget 08-05-1881 Clondalkin

1901 Census

1901 Census taken on Sunday the 31st March.

Residents of a house 5 in Liffey Street (New Kilmainham, Dublin)

    James Gaynor  47  Head RC Kildare R&W M  GoodsGuard Railway
  Bridget Gaynor  40  Wife RC Kildare R&W M
Mary Jane Gaynor  14  Dau  RC Dublin  R&W S  Laundress   
    James Gaynor  8   Son  RC Dublin  R&W S  Scholar    
    Annie Gaynor  5   Dau  RC Dublin  R&W S
 Cristina Gaynor  3m  Dau  RC Dublin  R&W S
Bridget Gilligan  5  Niece RC Dublin  R&W S

1911 Census

CENSUS OF IRELAND, 1911.             Form A.  No. en Form B. 10

RETURN of the MEMBERS of this FAMILY and their VISITORS, BOARDERS, SERVANTS, &c., who slept or abode in this House on the night of Sunday, the 2nd of April, 1911

Townland or Street: 4.2 in St. Mary's Avenue, DED: New Kilmainham

James Gaynor - Head, Roman Catholic, read & write, 52 years old, Married for 30 years. Born Co.Kildare, speaks English. Retired Labourer.

Bridget Gaynor - Wife, Roman Catholic, read & write, 50 years old, Married, for 30 years. Born Co.Kildare, speaks English.

 9 children total, 4 children still living

Mary Jane Gaynor, Dau, RC, R&W, 25yrs, S, Ironer,  Co.Dublin
    Annie Gaynor, Dau, RC, R&W, 14yrs, S, scholar, Co.Dublin
Christina Gaynor, Dau, RC, R&W, 10yrs, S, scholar, Co.Dublin

James Gaynor died on the 8th of February 1926. He is buried at Bluebell Cemetery, Dublin. Plot: Section C, Grave 146.

Death and Burial Record
Civil Registration Deaths Index: 
James Gaynor, age 63, registered Jan-Feb-Mar 1926 Dublin South v2 p306

Cemetery Register Line Entry 494: 

James Gaynor, age 65, RC, Labourer, Married, Res Inchicore. 

Died 8 February 1926; Buried 10 February 1926. Burial managed by J. Power. 

Patrick Gaynor

Patrick Gaynor was from Co.Kildare. Born abt.1819.
Father was James Gaynor. Mother was Lucky Byrne.

Wife was Margaret Gray, and their children were:

Catharine Gaynor, b.1851, bap Co.Kildare Allen RC
Bartholomew Gaynor, b.1853, bap Co.Kildare Allen RC
John Gaynor, b.1856, bap Co.Kildare Allen RC
James Gaynor, b.1858, bap Co.Kildare Allen RC
Patrick Gaynor, b.1861, bap Co.Kildare Monasterevin RC
Christopher Gaynor, b.1865, bap Co.Kildare Monasterevin RC
Henry Gaynor, b.1868, bapCo.Kildare Monasterevin RC

Parish Record for Birth
Church Baptism Index...

Patrick Gaynor 1819 Castledermot RC Kildare. Father's name James.

Parish Record for marriage
Church Marriage - 15th April 1850 - Allen RC  Co. Kildare.

Gaynor Patt   1850 Co. Kildare Allen RC
Grey Margaret 1850 Co. Kildare Allen RC

Witness: Christopher Monaghan
Witness: Mary Couglan.
Fathers: No names recorded.
Address: Grange, Allen, Co.Kildare (for both)

IGI Parish Record
For their son...

  Name: Henry Gaynor
 Birth: 11 Jul 1868, Monasterevin, Kildare
Father: Patrick Gaynor
Mother: Margaret Gray

Note: I have their son Patrick in the 1901 census, and again, Bartholomew and Patrick Garynor and their families both in the 1911 census, both resident in Co.Dublin.

James Gaynor

James Gaynor was married to Lucy Byrne. Their children were,

Thomas Gaynor, b.1817, baptised Co.Kildare Castledermot
Patrick Gaynor, b.1819, baptised Co.Kildare Castledermot
James Gaynor, b.1822, baptised Co.Kildare Castledermot
Bridget Gaynor, b.1824, baptised Co.Kildare Castledermot
Martin Gaynor, b.1831, baptised Co.Kildare Castledermot

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