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Grey Family
Margaret Grey

Which one is our Margaret Grey/Gray?

Parish Records
Parish record index results:

All three baptisms in Co.Kildare,
Gray Margaret 1824    Athy RC, Father is Michael.
Gray Margaret 1826    Athy RC, Father is John.
Grey Margaret 1831 Kildare RC, Father is Peter.

Married to Patrick Gaynor in 1850, In Allen RC.

Parish Record for marriage
Church Marriage - 15th April 1850 - Allen RC  Co. Kildare.

Gaynor Patt   1850 Co. Kildare Allen RC
Grey Margaret 1850 Co. Kildare Allen RC

Witness: Christopher Monaghan & Mary Couglan.
Address: Grange, Allen, Co.Kildare (for both)

Margaret & Patrick's children were:

Catharine Gaynor, b.1851, bap Kildare Allen RC
Bartholomew Gaynor, b.1853, bap Kildare Allen RC
John Gaynor, b.1856, bap Kildare Allen RC
James Gaynor, b.1858, bap Kildare Allen RC
Patrick Gaynor, b.1861, bap Kildare Monasterevin RC
Christopher Gaynor, b.1865, bap Kildare Monasterevin RC
Henry Gaynor, b.1868, bap Kildare Monasterevin RC

I believe all these children to be correct. Has yet to be confirmed by full parish records for any of them other then Henry (IGI) and James (full record obtained). All of the above come up in the parish indexes with father named Patrick in the same time frame and parishes as Henry & James.

IGI Parish Record
Margaret's son Henry...

  Name: Henry Gaynor
 Birth: 11 Jul 1868, Monasterevin, Kildare
Father: Patrick Gaynor
Mother: Margaret Gray

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