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Redmond Family
Bridget Redmond

Bridget & her father James Redmond Bridget Redmond was born 1st June 1909, in Clane Co.Kildare. Her father was James Redmond, & her mother was Bridget Walsh.

Married Edward (Ted) McDonnell in 1932.

Bridget & Edward had five children (none of which will be listed for privacy reasons).

        Name: Bridget Redmond
Reg district: Dublin South   
 Record type: MARRIAGES
    Reg Date: quarter & year: Jan-Mar 1932
 Film number: 101576
      Volume: 2
        Page: 302
   GS number: 4199368
Image number: 00541
  Collection: Ireland, Civil Registration Indexes 1845-1958     

Bridget died in 1972, in Clondalkin Co.Dublin. Aged 64 years.

James Redmond
James & his wife Bridget, with baby Bridget Redmond

Born 1871. Originally from Kildare. His father was Patrick Redmond. James married Bridget Walsh, in 1893. They had four children...

Patrick Redmond, b.1894, Co.Kildare
Mary Redmond, b.1896, Co.Dublin
James Redmond, b.1898, Co.Kildare
Bridget Redmond, b.1909,

Their son James died, aged 9 from diabetic mellitus (1907). Their daughter Mary died, age 15, from TB (c.1911). Another son, Patrick is said to of died aged 21. A freak accident, a kick to the head while playing football (c.1915). The youngest child was Bridget Redmond.

Parish Index for Birth
Index of Parish record obtained from, Kildare Genealogy Online Records. 
James Redmond 1871 Co.Kildare Leixlip RC, Father's name Patrick.

Parish Record for Marriage
Parish record obtained from, Kildare Genealogy Online Records 

Married the 26th November 1893, at Clane RC church, Co.Kildare.

           Groom: James Redmond            
           Bride: Bridget Walsh
   Grooms Father: Patrick Redmond         
   Brides Father: James Walsh
  Grooms Address: Leixlip                
  Brides Address: Painstown 
       Witnesses: Mary Mooney & Huge Walsh

Parish Record for Birth
For son James Joseph...

           Name: James Joseph Redmond        
  Baptism/Birth: 10/04/1898
        Address: Longtown                  
Parish/District: Caragh, Kildare                      
   Denomination: Roman Catholic
         Father: James Redmond                      
         Mother: Brigid Walsh
       Sponsors: Huge Walsh & Brigid Gibson

1901 Census
1901 Census obtained from Kildare Genealogy Online Records.

Household No: 4, Downings, Longtown Demesne, parish of Killybegs, in the county Kildare

    James Redmond 30 Head RC Co.Kildare Ag Labourer 
  Bridget Redmond 28 Wife RC Co.Kildare Housekeeper 
  Patrick Redmond  7  Son RC Co.Kildare Scholar  
     Mary Redmond  5  Dau RC Co.Dublin        
    James Redmond  3  Son RC Co.Kildare

1911 Census

1911 Census, taken on the 2nd April 1911 

   County: Kildare          Barony: Clane
   Parish: Killybegs           DED: Downings
 Townland: 2 Longtown Demesne

    James Redmond  39  Head RC  Co.Kildare Ag Labourer
  Bridget Redmond  39  Wife RC  Co.Kildare 
  Patrick Redmond  17  Son  RC  Co.Dublin  Ag Labourer 
     Mary Redmond  15  Dau  RC  Co.Dublin        
  Bridget Redmond  1   Dau  RC  Co.Kildare
Total children born alive: 4    Children still living: 3

James died abt.1940.

Patrick Redmond

Little is known of Patrick Redmond. I believe these to be some of his children listed below.

James Redmond's birth record is needed to find more on his parents.

Parish Indexes
Index of Parish record obtained from, Kildare Genealogy Online Records.

Church Baptisms... all with father named Patrick

Redmond James    1871  Co.Kildare Leixlip RC
Redmond Thomas   1873  Co.Kildare Leixlip RC
Redmond Margaret 1876  Co.Kildare Leixlip RC
Redmond Eugene   1877  Co.Kildare Leixlip RC
Redmond Bridget  1882  Co.Kildare Leixlip RC

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